Chocolate tiffin

Chocolate tiffin ©The House of JonesLast week I talked of my desire to make Chocolate Tiffin for the NCT ladies. Thank you for the tips and suggestions about biscuits and fruit options. The recipe I settled upon in the end was based on this one on the netmums website.

It was super easy to make, and I have to say the final cakes were absolutely amazing and got lots of lovely compliments from the girls.

Chocolate Tiffin


  • 100g butter/hard margarine (not low-fat, as it won’t set)
  • 25g soft brown sugar
  • 3 tbsp cocoa
  • 4 tbsp golden syrup
  • 225g crushed digestive biscuits (pop them in a freezer bag and give them a bash with a rolling pin. You still want some small pieces of biscuit, so don’t get too carried away!)
  • 150g raisins

I also used…

  • 100g glace cherries (natural colour), chopped
  • 300g milk chocolate (chocolate buttons because they were on offer in Tesco!)


  1. Melt the butter, sugar, cocoa powder and syrup.
  2. Add the crushed biscuits and dried fruit and mix well.
  3. Press into a 20cm x 20 cm tin, lined with clingfilm (so that the clingfilm comes out over the sides – this will help you get the final cake out of the tin).
  4. Melt the milk chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water.
  5. Pour the melted chocolate over the top of your biscuit base.
  6. Pop in the fridge for a couple of hours, or overnight, to set.
  7. Tip out of the tin, removing the clingfilm, and cut into pieces. As this is a rich treat I kept the pieces fairly small, cutting into 20 pieces.

Chocolate tiffin in the tray ©The House of Jones Chocolate tiffin all sliced up ©The House of Jones Chocolate tiffin in the tin ©The House of Jones

Ohh it was sooo good. Next time I think I might try adding some dried apricots or dates, and maybe doing a mix of milk and dark chocolate for the topping.

A piece of chocolate tiffin ©The House of JonesDo let me know if you give it a try! I’m just going to enjoy the last piece(!) now with a cup of tea and another episode of Downton :o)

Jones x

Edited to add: I kept the tiffin in the fridge before serving so that it wasn’t too warm and melty to eat.

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Hello! Thanks for visiting, it's lovely to see you! I'm Jones, I'm 31, and I live with my husband (The Bert) and chinchilla (JB) in Gloucestershire. When I'm not at work I love crochet, sewing, cooking, baking, taking photos and dabbling in a bit of gardening and grow-your-own, and this is what I write about mainly. That and the general chit chat of life. So, take a look around, comment if you'd like, just make yourself feel at home really!
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8 Responses to Chocolate tiffin

  1. Mum says:

    No, no, I’m not going to give it a try, we’re trying to cut down calories here. No, no, you can’t persuade me – but I’m just going to copy and save the recipe to my recipe folder. (Soon be caving in time for the diet!)
    Love from Mum 🙂

  2. RedSetter says:

    This looks lovely, and as you say, the kind of great base recipe for adding some other treaty bits to. Well done, I bet the group were so glad you were on tiffin duty!

  3. Patch says:

    Pretty sure this is one of the recipes I use. We add marshmallows to make it more like rocky road. My oldest likes to make it… He insists on the marshmallows but the rest of the add ins are whatever we have or feel like. There are some good recipes on Netmums. The carrot cake muffins are very popular here too.

  4. Bev says:

    Looks delicious!

  5. Lucy@Attic24 says:

    we LOVE tiffin in our house! I use a mix of dark and milk choc, and add cranberries and pecan nuts, seriously YUM.XXXXXXXXXXX

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