My trip to Yarndale – part one

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve started writing about this post in my head – does anyone else do that? I mentally create a lot of posts, I wish I could connect my brain to the computer and download them! Anyway, I thought it was about time that I actually wrote about my Yarndale trip properly and captured some of my experiences of the weekend.

Like many others, on the weekend of 27-28 September, I journeyed to Yorkshire on a woolly adventure to Yarndale.

Packed and ready for Yarndale ©The House of JonesMy journey started on the Friday night when I travelled the first 40 miles of the trip to Banbury, overnighting with my friend before we embarked on the final leg of the journey together on the Saturday.

We left early, but Skipton is far and it was gone 1pm when we checked into our beautiful B&B in one of the villages just outside of Skipton.

Yorkshire views ©The House of JonesThe views were amazing, I could have whiled away the whole afternoon looking across the fields to the hills, but the Auction Mart was calling and after a quick pit stop we carried straight on to Yarndale.

Yarndale bunting outside ©The House of JonesArriving at the Auction Mart and heading into the first room was quite an experience. The whole room was FULL. Of people, of excitement, of crochet. The Yarndale bunting, to which I had made a small contribution, was an impressive sight to be greeted by in that first room. It looked absolutely amazing!

Yarndale bunting hall ©The House of JonesWe dodged our way past the extremely long lunch queue and headed into the stands. The first being Oxfam to deposit my wool contribution for their Oxfam Making Group project. I think they were quite overwhelmed by all the contributions they were receiving – they had 20 sacks full to the brim already. Never underestimate the generosity of creative folk!

The crowds at Yarndale ©The House of JonesIt was tricky to get photos of all the stalls and stands that filled the pens – the place was absolutely heaving. It was a joy to see so many people had come to experience the event, but overwhelming at the same time. We decided we needed some lunch to give us energy through the afternoon. While the food queue was long, I thought the options were great – and very well received given that we hadn’t really eaten since our early breakfast. There was a buzz in the queue and people were so keen to chat and swap stories of their travels to Yarndale – we met one amazing mother and daughter over lunch who had come all the way from CALIFORNIA for the weekend! Put our 450mile round trip to shame!

After lunch my friend and I decided to split up and reconvene in the Knit and Natter Lounge a bit later. Moving through the crowds was tricky as a two, but as a one we could take everything in and stop at the stalls we liked.

Alpacas at Yarndale ©The House of JonesAlpacas at Yarndale ©The House of JonesThe rabbits and the alpacas in particular caught my eye, and this gorgeous stand of knitted baby blankets.

Baby blankets by Gwennol ©The House of JonesI loved that you could look out from the Auction Mart and see the rolling hills behind – what a lovely view.

The view out from the Auction Mart ©The House of JonesAs 3.30 and our meeting at the lounge approached, I suddenly started feeling nervous. I knew that Lucy was manning the lounge and I was so looking forward to meeting her and introducing myself.

The knit and natter lounge at Yarndale ©The House of JonesLucy’s been such an inspiration to my crochet ventures and I wanted to say hi, and thank you, but not come across like a complete mental person! I’m not sure how I fared! I have to say it was a complete delight to meet the lady behind Attic24 – warm and welcoming, just like her blog and her smile never wavered, or her energy as numerous people queued up to say hello.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I took lots of snaps of her projects – things that felt so familiar to me having seen them in the making stages and final ta-dahs. Just as beautiful in the flesh as in the photos on her blog.

My hook roll ©The House of JonesWorking granny stripes at Yarndale ©The House of JonesThe Lounge was a great space to stop a while and watch people coming and going and do a bit of hooky while enjoying a cup of tea and slice of tiffin. Mmm.

Exhibits at Yarndale ©The House of JonesWool at Yarndale ©The House of JonesAfter our little break, the crowds started to thin out. We pottered around together then, admiring the wool and projects before heading back out through the bunting room. Now that it was emptying of people, we were able to see some of the stalls – including the fabulous crocheted picnic and array of crocheted Andalusian food.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Plus the maps of where people had traveled from for the weekend… A good spread over the UK…

Map of Yarndale attendees - UK ©The House of JonesAnd an impressive reach across the globe too – as far as New Zealand!!

Map of Yarndale attendees - world ©The House of Jones…and the Yarndale stall – I bought one of the lovely bags as a souvenir of our trip.

The Yarndale stall ©The House of JonesOhhh it was such a fabulous afternoon. We left the Auction Mart after 5.30 and went back to our gorgeous B&B for a little sit down before heading out to the local pub for a bit of dinner.

On the Sunday we headed into Skipton to take in the Yarn walk, the Studio and the canal… but since this has turned into a bit of a monster tale, I’ll save that for another day! I hope you’ve enjoyed part one – it might be a bit late, but it’s been lovely looking back through the photos and remembering all the details!

Oh and I know I’ve been missing a bit from blogland recently too – so behind on my 52 weeks of happy it’s untrue and another stack of unwritten posts in my head ready to come out at some stage! Time has not been on my side recently, but I hope to be back properly soon…

Jones x

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7 Responses to My trip to Yarndale – part one

  1. What fun. Never been to Skipton, but it loks beautiful.

  2. Liz Noonan says:

    What a fantastic post this is capturing your experience of Yarndale. I love the auto photo shots, I’ve never seen them added to blogs previously. I loved the whole experience of Yarndale and reading all the reviews of it in blogland. I’m really looking forward to the event next year. Liz

  3. Jacquie says:

    Hi Jones, I loved reading about your Yarndale experience. I’m only sad we missed each other…so near and yet so far.
    It was a great weekend and Lucy is just as lovely as you hope isn’t she.
    Looking forward to post number two.
    Jacquie x

  4. Louise says:

    I went to Yarndale this year too! It was great – I loved the cute little alpacas 🙂 my review is over on my blog here:

  5. That looks amazing! Huge amounts of work in one place, it must have been quite overwhelming.

  6. Joy says:

    I loved Yarndale weekend and you have just brought all those lovely memories fresh in my mind again ……. thank you a lovely post xx

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