52 weeks of happy: the bumper edition (21, 22 and 23/52)

Hello chums!

Sorry all has been a little quiet here the last couple of weeks, I’ve been on my summer holidays! For the first time in years, The Bert and I had a proper summer break, and what a lovely time we’ve had. As I’m woefully behind on my happy weeks, I thought I’d just bring you up to date with a bumper edition of my happy posts – both for the week before holiday and then the holiday itself and returning home. Feel free to make yourself a cup of tea before we get going, this might be a long one…

21/52: the week before holiday

1. Bunny bread

Bunny bread ©The House of JonesSlices of bread that look like little bunnies! What’s not to like?!

2. Presents for baby

Baby prezzies ©The House of Jones

This was a little extra for my friend – the one I made the Elmer-inspired Granny Patchwork Baby blanket for. She had a little girl and I couldn’t resist getting these cute little romper suits. Hopefully there will be some sunny weather for her to enjoy them!

3. Pretty flowers

Lilac flowers ©The House of Jones

Spotted these growing in a neighbour’s garden. I think they are lilac? Loved the bright colour and the tightly packed flowers.

4. McFly!

McFly ©The House of Jones Hehehe, I went and saw McFly at Gloucester. It was a really good night actually, and I don’t care what people say – those boys can sing!

22/52: First week of holiday

So, where did we go on our summer holidays? Croatia! Neither The Bert or I had been there before but both really wanted to go. We’d heard from so many friends how beautiful it is, and unfortunately had to miss a friend’s wedding there last year as it clashed with our own honeymoon. We decided that this was the year, and we weren’t disappointed:

1. Room with a view

The view over old town Dubrovnik ©The House of JonesWe started our Croatian adventure in Dubrovnik and this was the view from our balcony over the old town – what a view! We gave ourselves 3 full days to explore, which mainly included losing ourselves within the city walls in the streets and alleyways.

Old town Dubrovnik from the walls ©The House of JonesWe also took in the town from the top of the city walls (tip: go early, when it is cooler and less busy. Even by 8.30am it was super hot and there is no shade up there), and looked back on it from the top of Mount Srd, just a short cable car ride to the top, where we also did a lovely long walk to an old fort. The view over all the nearby islands was quite beautiful.

Cable car up Mount Srd, Dubrovnik Peacocks, Lokrum ©The House of Jones View from Mount Srd, Dubrovnik Peacocks, Lokrum ©The House of Jones2. Trip to Lokrum

Peacocks, Lokrum ©The House of Jones

On one day, we decided to take the boat to nearby Lokrum. A lovely little island which we could also see from our balcony (and in the picture of the cable car, above). We were greeted off the boat by loud peacock calls – there were loads on the island. I was slightly surprised to see them in the trees!

View from top of Lokrum Peacocks, Lokrum ©The House of JonesThere was plenty to keep us busy on the island, including a swim in the sea, quick sunbathe on a rocky beach, and another walk to the old fort on top of the island. Although our legs got a bit tired from all the steps, the views were worth it.

3. An island room with a view

Sudarad, Sipan ©The House of JonesOur next stop was Sipan, a short ferry journey from Dubrovnik. We had such a relaxing stay on the island, and another lovely view from our hotel room:

The view from our hotel, Sipan ©The House of Jones

There’s not much going on on the island, and we whiled away most of our time lazing by the pool or swimming in the sea. Bliss.

Lunch, poolside. Sipan. The view from our hotel, Sipan ©The House of Jones4. Island hopping

Lopud The view from our hotel, Sipan ©The House of JonesWe did a couple of trips from Sipan – only minor ones though, nothing which would require too much effort! One was to the neighbouring island of Lopud, which had a slightly busier seafront than Sipan. Another day, we took the bus over to the other village on Sipan, Sipanska Luka. There wasn’t a lot to do there either, except admire the fishing boats and larger cruise boats. We actually spent a lot of our time there making ourselves dizzy on the children’s round-about!

Sipanska Luka The view from our hotel, Sipan ©The House of JonesWe had 4 nights on Sipan, and left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated by the warmth of the sun, our bellies full with good food.

23/52: Last few days of holiday and returning home

1. Split

Split ©The House of JonesThe last part of our trip was spent in Split, just a 5 hour bus journey from Dubrovnik. Far grander than Dubronik’s old town, Split had a wide esplanade (the Riva), intricate streets and alleyways, large squares with enticing cafes and the impressive Diocletian Palace. As well as exploring, we enjoyed a lot of sitting and people watching on the Riva.

View from Marjam Peninsula, Split ©The House of JonesWe didn’t spend all our time people watching though – we also had a great time exploring the Marjam Peninsula, which had great views back across the city (after more steps). We also found Split zoo on the top of the peninsula. It was a strange place, the first enclosure contained five or six mallards (they weren’t there accidentally!), and the path continued on past a guinea pig enclosure, next to the sheep and rabbit pen, opposite the tiger. Goats, vultures, chickens, baboons and an owl also featured. It was all a little bizarre.

2. Trogir

Market, Trogir ©The House of JonesFrom Split, we also had a little jaunt to Trogir. Another walled city with a Riva, Trogir wasn’t our favourite place (mainly because I fell over and broke my camera), but it did have busy market (although this photo makes it look very empty!), stacked high with olive oil, fresh fruit and vegetables and heavily scented lavender bags.

All in all it was a really fabulous holiday. We both absolutely loved the country, the countryside, the clear water… the fact that they were having a heatwave was a bonus!

3. Garden surprises

Rose in bloom ©The House of Jones Monkshood ©The House of JonesReturning home, I couldn’t believe how much the garden had grown. When we left, the front garden had things in bud, but no flowers. Now, the roses are starting to bloom, the monkshood is out and the carnations that line our path are pretty in pink.

Ripening strawberries ©The House of JonesNot only that, but in the back garden we have strawberries! And lots of them!

4. Sunflower update

Growing sunflowers ©The House of JonesOur little sunflower shoots also had a growth spurt while we were away. I think they’re almost ready to plant into individual pots now! We don’t stand a chance of winning Kate’s Great Sunflower Race, but I’m sure enjoying the taking part.

And there we have it! 3 big weeks of happy. It’s nice to reflect on the last couple of weeks – I returned to work on Monday and we’re in the middle of a reorganisation. It looks as though my job might be safe but nothing’s certain yet so it’s an unsettling time for everyone. I’ve set this picture from Sipan as my desktop background to encourage happy holiday thoughts…

Village of Sudarad, Sipan The view from our hotel, Sipan ©The House of JonesI hope you’ve had a really happy few weeks. I’m looking forward to catching up on all the news from while I’ve been away.

Jones x

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Hello! Thanks for visiting, it's lovely to see you! I'm Jones, I'm 31, and I live with my husband (The Bert) and chinchilla (JB) in Gloucestershire. When I'm not at work I love crochet, sewing, cooking, baking, taking photos and dabbling in a bit of gardening and grow-your-own, and this is what I write about mainly. That and the general chit chat of life. So, take a look around, comment if you'd like, just make yourself feel at home really!
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2 Responses to 52 weeks of happy: the bumper edition (21, 22 and 23/52)

  1. Jacquie says:

    Hi Jones, welcome home . Your holiday looked fabulous. I’ve been to Split….back in the days when it was in Yougoslavia….showing my age now! we also stayed on an island called Hvar….where not much happened :0)
    Dubrovnic is somewhere I would love to visit and your pictures of it are gorgeous.
    Thank you for sharing.Hope the job situation turns out O.K.
    Jacquie x

  2. Rachael says:

    How beautiful Croatia looks. I’d love a holiday like that but sadly, I think it’s going to be about another 20 years before I have either the time (i.e. children left home) and money (children finished education). Thanks for sharing.

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