Elmer-Inspired Granny Patchwork Baby Blanket: The big reveal


I’m here today to do the Big Reveal on my Elmer-Inspired Granny Patchwork Baby Blanket. This is the first blanket where I’ve really taken you along with me on the journey, so it seems only right that we start at the very beginning rather than jumping in with a Ta Dah! (feel free to scroll to the bottom if you don’t have the time!).

So, this blanket was my first proper go at using granny squares, and branching out from my usual muted palate to a crazy bonanza of 18 colours (Lucy colours), 18 gorgeous Stylecraft Special DK colours::

Colour wheel of new wool © The House of Jones

I worked out my own framed granny squares pattern for the squares (not highly original, but I didn’t follow a proper pattern), and I crocheted my little squares until I had 80 of the lovely things.

Playing with squares gave me a lot of joy during this project. I loved laying them out:

Granny squares: all colours © The House of Jones

stacking them up:

Stacks of granny squares © The House of Jones

and lying them down::

Granny squares © The House of Jones Close up to granny squares © The House of Jones

It was mostly procrastination! I made them at home, in the office, on our Easter holiday (yes, I know, I haven’t forgotten I still need to share our trip, slow Jones!)… and then I laid them out.

As I said before, Random was difficult. But I got there in the end. And then the joining began.

One row of joined granny squares © The House of Jones Joined vs non-joined granny squares © The House of Jones

Joining was not nearly as troublesome or time consuming as I expected. I found it quite therapeutic actually doing my little slip stitch joins in the contrasting cream. After a little pause, I moved on to The Edge. I crocheted the first few rows in cream (to tie in with the cream joins on the back), before finishing with a row of sherbet and then pomegranate.

Working the edge © The House of Jones

The pattern for my edge, which you can see in close up below, was (in UK terms):

  • Row 1: dc (back loops only) – for the corner, do 2 dc in middle corner ch
  • Row 2: tr (back loops only) – for the corner, do 2 st in each of the middle stitches from the row before (follow this approach for future rows)
  • Row 3 & 4: htr
  • Row 5: dc (back loops only) in Sherbet
  • Row 6: dc (back loops only) in Pomegranate

Close up of The Edge © The House of Jones

Right! So, now we’re fully up to speed, would you like to see it in all it’s glory? Are you ready? Ta daaaah!

Elmer-Inspired Granny Patchwork Baby Blanket::

Finished Elmer Inspired Granny Patchwork Baby Blanket © The House of Jones

Ooh I just LOVE IT! I really am so, so pleased with this one! The colours are so bright and inviting, perfect for my jolly friends. And I just can’t wait to see their new baby all wrapped up in it!

It was quite a time-consuming make, mainly because I practiced my square pattern and joining before I went at it with gusto. And there was all that time arranging and rearranging the squares! But it was definitely worth it.

Fancy a look at the back? It’s just as lovely, and the cream joining worked just as I had hoped::

The back of patchwork crochet baby blanket © The House of Jones

I had a good old play with the blanket before I folded it up::

Crochet patchwork baby blanket © The House of Jones Close up of patchwork crochet baby blanket © The House of Jones Close up of the back © The House of Jones Folded crochet baby blanket © The House of Jones

Wheeee!    I really love this blanket!  ♥  ♥

I’m sure some of you will be wanting some blankety stats, so here goes:

  • Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK in 18 colours – saffron, shrimp, fondant, pomegranate, lipstick, magenta, plum, emperor, wisteria, lavender, clematis, cloud blue, sherbet, aster, turquoise, meadow, aspen and spring green
  • Worked on a 4.5mm hook
  • Final blanket size: 29″ x 23″
  • Weight: 300g (which is a bit of bargain since the wool was only £1.60/100g ball
  • Time to make: eek, a lot!

And there we have it! My 5th baby blanket complete! I hope you like it as much as I do!

Jones x

PS. You can see my other blankets here: Baby Boy Blanket; Baby Girl Blanket – I still need to reveal my other two!


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11 Responses to Elmer-Inspired Granny Patchwork Baby Blanket: The big reveal

  1. I love this! The colours, the style, everything! Well done!

  2. Tricia says:

    BEAUTIFUL, love the border you opted for, must have been a difficult choice considering all those yummy colours.
    P.S ordered book from Kalahari.com should be here soon couldn’t wait!

  3. Mum says:

    Superb – bright and beautiful. Well done.
    Love from Mum

  4. Chloe says:

    You are so talented, Jones!
    Love, Chloe x

  5. chucksforchancho says:


  6. Oooh lovely!! I love the photos of the squares all lined up, I spend ages looking at my squares and playing around with them (probably longer than I spend putting them all together!!!)

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  9. Kate McCully says:

    I have a pile of very similar Stylecraft granny squares ready for joining – and came across this while researching how to do it! Your blanket is wonderful, love it! You have inspired me and now I think I know how i’m going to do it. Thank you!

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