Pancake overload

I think I may have overdone it on the pancakes today. Just finished a batch with The Bert plus I had some with the girls from work at lunchtime.

A selection of fillings for our pancakes

One of my lunch pals lives just round the corner from the office so we escaped to cook up a feast. As you can see from the photo above there were a variety of fillings – savoury and sweet. I’m a sweet pancake kind of girl! The banana and caramel nibbles did make a tasty combo but lemon and sugar is still my favourite!

Pancake day 2013 © The House of Jones


The Bert went for a more artistic approach to his pancakes this evening::

Happy pancake face, sad pancake face::

Neither of us could quite believe it was pancake day already – it kinda creped up on us! Hehehe…

Jones x

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Hello! Thanks for visiting, it's lovely to see you! I'm Jones, I'm 31, and I live with my husband (The Bert) and chinchilla (JB) in Gloucestershire. When I'm not at work I love crochet, sewing, cooking, baking, taking photos and dabbling in a bit of gardening and grow-your-own, and this is what I write about mainly. That and the general chit chat of life. So, take a look around, comment if you'd like, just make yourself feel at home really!
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3 Responses to Pancake overload

  1. explodyfull says:

    wow that is a lot of toppings – i want to come to your pancake day next year!

  2. sandiart says:

    Nom nom nom, I didn’t make any as I worked till 8pm and had the ‘couldn’t be bothered’
    xx Sandi

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