Chocolate chip cookies


I thought I would share a little baking with you all. I went to my friend’s 30th birthday tea on Saturday – well, I couldn’t turn up empty-handed, could I? But I didn’t want to take along my fail-safe, favourite: flapjacks. I seem to take flapjacks with me wherever I go. No, I’ve decided I need to try new recipes. Most of my cookbooks are still caught up in boxes, waiting for me to get organised and find them a spot in the new house (we’re still a bit boxes crazy, even now), so I decided to ask the internet instead.

Well, that seemed a good place to start!

I gave the recipe a whirl last weekend to try it out – I’m glad I did, as it did not go quite to plan. Started by mis-reading the recipe and adding baking powder and bicarb, and also made the mistake of over baking. They were nice, but a bit biscuity, rather than soft and cookie-like. As these cookies carry on cooking on the tray a little, I think the trick is to take them out of the oven earlier than you might think is ready.

My second attempt, this weekend, was much better. More like the big cookies you get in the supermarket bakery section. More chewy and soft and delicious.

I pretty much followed the recipe to the letter, however, I did make the following tweaks::

  • 200g chocolate chips (325g just seemed excessive!)
  • Turned the oven down to 160C – to allow for a bit of fan oven adjustment (the recipe didn’t say if 170C was for fan or not)
  • Set the timer for 13 minutes – they were just going golden round the edges, so I think that was long enough. Perhaps mine weren’t as big as theirs.

And there we have it! The recipe made 18 large cookies (I did eat a bit of the mix though as I was making them!), and I reckon these would be great as smaller ones too – probably with a heaped teaspoon, rather than a heaped tablespoon (I certainly didn’t make them 4tbsp of mixture as the recipe suggested! crikey that would surely make GIANT cookies!!) and cook maybe for 8-10 minutes?

Anyway, these were a hit. So, if you’re looking for a recipe to try, then give this one a go.

The only downside of the recipe is the left over egg white. I decided to make meringues with it. One egg white made ~8 smallish meringue blobs (I piped mine).

I’d not made meringues before – I’ve tried a pavlova once but never a mini meringue. Last weekend, I piped really quite small ones with the idea of making meringue kisses – you know, two stuck together with cream. It made 18 tiny ones. But the recipe I followed had weird cooking times and temperatures – 150C for only 8 mins, then leave them in the oven with it turned off and the door ajar. They were ok, but a bit soft in the middle.

This weekend I used the same recipe (1 egg white and 1/4 cup caster sugar) but cooked them at 100C for 1hr 15mins, and then the same trick of letting them cool in the oven, with the door ajar. They seem a bit crisper and, well, more meringue-like.

Anyway, let me know how you get on! And if you’ve got a great recipe you think I should try, please share in the comments!

Happy baking,

Jones x

— ooh by the way, I took these photos using Instagram. Let me know what you think. They don’t seem very in focus do they… hmmm.


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3 Responses to Chocolate chip cookies

  1. sybaritica says:

    The pix look very good actually … Also, I like meringue when it is a little soft inside still 🙂

  2. sandiart says:

    I think I will be trying these biscs, they look delish. I like instagram, am a fan of the soft light at my age haha.
    xox Sandi

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