A little production line

Hello, hello, happy Sunday!

Guess, what we’ve been doing today? Invites! Yes, me and The Bert have set up a mini production line, and have been making our wedding invites. It’s been quite fun actually! We started last weekend, so it was much easier today as we knew what we were doing and were practiced in our roles.

Would you like a sneak peak? I’m afraid you’ll have to wait! I will show you, but I want to at least get them in the post before I go giving away surprises! Anyway, I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out. And I love that it’s something we’ve done together. It was one of my stipulations of us making the cards ourselves, that The Bert was fully involved. And he’s been brilliant – on occasion he has a better attention to detail than me, if you thought that was possible!

So, final bits to do – writing all the additional information to go in with the invite – but almost there. I think we’re a bit behind with sending them out (wedding is at the end of August) but hey ho.

In other news, I did a bit of planting today. I am a big fan of rescuing plants from the reduced section at supermarkets. Today, I picked up some purple petunias, and another unknown red plant. It didn’t have a label on it, perhaps that’s why it was cheap, because the plants themselves are perfectly healthy.

Any ideas?

We’re going on a bit of a voyage of discovery with our new garden. It’s been great through the spring seeing bulbs popping up all over the place: hyacinths, tulips, daffs. As we’ve come into summer I’m finding it a little trickier to know what all the plants are, but boy there are a LOT. Some of the ones which I have been able to spot: lily of the valley, irises, poppies, roses, snap dragons, wall flowers, hydrangea… but I shall definitely be asking for help with some of the other beauties! Starting with these lovely blue flowers… thoughts?

That’s the one good thing about taking on an old lady’s house I reckon – although we have had so much to do inside to gut it and modernise it (and change the layout of some of the rooms!), the garden has been well loved and looked after and had years of care and planting. I’m looking forward to seeing what else crops up.

Jones x

About thehouseofjones

Hello! Thanks for visiting, it's lovely to see you! I'm Jones, I'm 31, and I live with my husband (The Bert) and chinchilla (JB) in Gloucestershire. When I'm not at work I love crochet, sewing, cooking, baking, taking photos and dabbling in a bit of gardening and grow-your-own, and this is what I write about mainly. That and the general chit chat of life. So, take a look around, comment if you'd like, just make yourself feel at home really!
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8 Responses to A little production line

  1. Vicki says:

    Hi, Love your blog. Keep on rescuing those plants. The tall blue flowers are delphiniums, gorgeous colour and make great flowers for cutting. Enjoy Vicki

  2. Jacquie says:

    Hi Jones , I love rescuing reduced plants too :0)
    I think yours are busy lizzies . Not sure about the blue flower…reminds me of delphinium but the leaves don’t look the same. Glad the invitation making went well…..looking forward to seeing them.
    Jacquie x

    • Yes, it was the leaves that made me question whether they were delphiniums… mine don’t seem to look like the ones on google images! Still, it sounds like a popular guess… 🙂 As for the red ones, ohhh maybe they are busy lizzies! Yes! Thanks Jacquie!

  3. Sandi Lee says:

    Hey Jones, lovely to hear from you, your invites sound lovely and I will be looking forward to viewing them. Now your little plant with the tiny red flower, I’m pretty sure is a Balsam and the beautiful blue one is a Delphinium, what a gorgeous garden you must have……more piccies please!!!
    It’s all happening for you hey, home owners with reno’s and a wedding coming up, 2012 will be a year to remember.
    Take care
    xxo Sandi

  4. Lesley says:

    Hello, I think you have red salvias and blue aconitum growing in your garden. Although the aconitum are very pretty they are also quite toxic so you should wear gloves when handling them. Enjoy your new garden!

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