Sloe progress

Evening lovelies! Hooray for Wednesday and bringing the hump to the week. Downhill to the weekend, yippeee! I’d also like to say thank you for the picture montage making software recommendations. I haven’t had a chance to have a go yet, but hopefully this weekend.

A quick catch up since my last post… well I’m still very much enjoying the glow of being engaged! And I’ve got my beautiful ring back, it is just stunning, I find myself just looking and looking at it sparkle! The Bert is off galavanting with work again, so it’s just me enjoying the dozens of lovely cards which Mr Postie has been dropping through our letterbox. I have been rather overwhelmed by the number of good wishes and congratulations!

Engagement cards on the mantlepiece

Weekend just gone I enjoyed a quiet time. My friend from work came over on the Saturday for a pootle about the shops and a spot of lunch which was lovely. Sunday was just catching up on jobs about the house, and I finally found time to get the sloe gin on the go.

Sloe berries growing on a tree   The sloe berries that we picked

I picked a load of sloes when we were down in Devon on the August bank holiday (pictured above) – they’ve been in the freezer since. The Bert also collected a big harvest from the grounds at his work, which have also been enjoying a freezer holiday. It was The Bert’s berries that I used in the end – they were much bigger and juicier than the ones I’d collected at the end of August, probably because it was a bit too early to be collecting sloes. (and actually, looking at the photos of my berries above, I’m not convinced they were actually sloes, hmm).

Anyway, got everything ready, was jolly easy in the end. I made two batches, one is slightly sweeter than the other and uses a few more berries.


I’ve been surprised how quickly the gin has taken on this gorgeous colour.

Making sloe gin in two large kilner jars

I’m still turning the jars every day at the moment to dissolve the sugar. It’ll be once a week from now until Christmas, when I plan to bottle up and give away as presents!

The recipe I used in the end was 1lb sloes, 1 ltr gin, 6oz sugar. In the second batch I had just over 1lb of sloes, so I added 8oz of sugar. Hope it works!

Anyway, can’t chat for long this evening – the film Stardust is about to start on TV. And although I have seen it a number of times, I plan on getting a cuppa and settling down to watch it again!

Hope you’ve had a good Wednesday,

Jones x

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