Tying up loose ends

Well I suppose if we’re being technical, I’ll be sewing in loose ends…because… drum roll!… the main body of the granny stripe blanket is finished!

Yes, tra laaaa, I have finished with my rows, which just leaves sewing in the ends and then hooking a blankety border! I’m afraid I can’t show it to you yet, because this is still a surprise and you never know who’s looking. Besides which, I’m sure you’d rather see it all done and finished with a fanfare, than quickly now, half done!

Anyway, back to the border. I’m very unsure about what to do for the blanket edge. I’d like something pretty, not too fussy, not too wide (because the blanket expanded somewhat in the making) – just something delightful to finish it off. I have spent a long time thinking about it but still not come to a conclusion. I even looked in a book in the library which had patterns for 150 edges and trims and I’ve still not found the right thing. And it has Got to be Right. Because as we all know, the edge can really transform the blanket from something lovely to something L O V E L Y !

So, this is where you find me. Dilemma. Straight edge? Scallop edge? Picot edge? Granny stripe edge? Bobble edge? 3 rows? More? Argh! Please help me! If you can suggest an edge fit for a granny stripe baby blanket, please let me know – I will be forever grateful to receive a tried and trusted pattern…

Thank you in advance,

Jones x


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Hello! Thanks for visiting, it's lovely to see you! I'm Jones, I'm 31, and I live with my husband (The Bert) and chinchilla (JB) in Gloucestershire. When I'm not at work I love crochet, sewing, cooking, baking, taking photos and dabbling in a bit of gardening and grow-your-own, and this is what I write about mainly. That and the general chit chat of life. So, take a look around, comment if you'd like, just make yourself feel at home really!
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5 Responses to Tying up loose ends

  1. sandiart says:

    Nice colors in your blanket, I am no help re the edging, sorry, but it will look beautiful no matter what edge it has.
    x Sandi

  2. Lucy@Attic24 says:

    Well………..my advice for an edgin would be to start with a row of granny clusters all the way round, then work a couple row of tr’s into that, and then decide where to go from there…keep it simple, maybe small scallops or picot, or the edging I used on mine I still really like, it was a sort of pointy scallop, v easy to do, the pattern can be found in the midst of my granny stripe ta-dah post if you need it.

    Have fun….the edging part is almost better than the blanket itself!

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