A lazy weekend, fireside

The end of the weekend. And what a weekend! A rare spare weekend in amongst lots of busyness. A weekend to catch up on Life, and general Things. And (I was going to build some suspense, but I am too excited) a weekend to light the first fire of the year!


Yes! It finally felt cold enough to justify a fire in the log burner. The Bert was close to bursting with excitement (something about flames, me thinks), and so was I! There is just something about sitting next to a fire, watching the flames, feeling the warmth, and our log burner is a m a z i n g! I didn’t know if I would like it as we had an open grate in our old house, but ooh, log burner… I like you A LOT!

And this is where I spent most of Friday and Saturday night, in front of the fire, cheeky glass of wine and a bit of crochet (still working on the blanky, you can just see it there, pretty in blues, yellow and white). Hardly rock and roll, but excellent nonetheless.

The garden also received some of our attention this weekend – it’s been waiting patiently for us to clear out summer bedding and get going on our autumn/winter planting. I should point out here that garden is perhaps something of a grand term for our little piece of patio, but we have pots and tubs, a bench and a bird table, so it’s definitely more gardenesque than the bare prison yard we were greeted with when we moved in.

Guided by the allotment book (I LOVE this book – even though we currently only deal with pots and tubs here at The House of Jones, it is super useful), we cleared away bits and pieces, harvested the last of the tomatoes, peppers and chillies, and are now ready to plant onion sets, garlic and spring bulbs! Sadly beloved Begonia (won at a plant tombola, and quite possibly my most treasured garden plant) fell foul to our efforts, with large flowers breaking off in abundance, leaving her almost naked. I rescued the flowers and put them in water to brighten up the kitchen. Such a pretty bloom, sob sob.


So with the first fire marking that summer is now officially over, here is where the weekend ends. Only 5 more days until the next one though… not that I’m counting!

Jones x


About thehouseofjones

Hello! Thanks for visiting, it's lovely to see you! I'm Jones, I'm 31, and I live with my husband (The Bert) and chinchilla (JB) in Gloucestershire. When I'm not at work I love crochet, sewing, cooking, baking, taking photos and dabbling in a bit of gardening and grow-your-own, and this is what I write about mainly. That and the general chit chat of life. So, take a look around, comment if you'd like, just make yourself feel at home really!
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